Wednesday, 23 March 2011


There are many roads to travel, but the best one, is the one leading homewards…..

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Bumbling Bees….

Bumble Bee... 

to you all ,
I’m the Bumble Bee,
Bombus terrestris
the Latin name for me
I work hard ‘til I die,
no retirement plan set,
I collect for the honey
and no thanks do I get
 Bee collecting pollen 
Let me take you back to a warm summers day,
you’re lying in the garden whiling the time away
just worshiping the sun, until suddenly you hear
a slight buzzing, a Bumble Bee working quite near.
He has no time to sit around or be lazy
he works collecting pollen in the sunshine hazy
with food for his young and his queen who await
plus he pollinates the flowers that we anticipate.

Bee collecting pollen
Without his help
the plants they would die,
with no cross fertilisation
it would then apply
that future generations
would never ever see
the swathes of beautiful flowers
that bloom so wild and free..

LadyP © 2011

Dedicated to Sheila… a very dear friend..xx