Friday, 24 December 2010

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Thought Control……

Photobucket There’s a very special magic hat, it’s invisible you see…..

it’s only seen by clever folk , (that’s you and me)

if you place it on your head,  you can wish for anything

trouble is, it reads your mind, so mayhem it may bring.

You could wish for Peace on Earth, as a final ending to war

But it could grant Total Silence, to last for evermore.

No birds will sing, no voice will ring, nothing at all to hear

So control your thoughtful mind and make your wish very, very clear….….


LadyP © 2010


Monday, 29 November 2010

Light Choice…


You see this lantern? You see it’s light?
Look deeply and don’t turn away,
Only few are blessed to see this sight
now you are added to the list today.
Many have searched in lifelong quest
for The Light to guide their way
to repel the darkness at it’s behest
So, choose the light, keep dark shadows at bay….

LadyP © 2010

Saturday, 20 November 2010




I don’t know where I’m going,
but I know where I’ve been,
I can’t see the future,
but I know what I’ve seen
There’s no-one to guide me
I trust my own good sense
This life is our one chance
to live well, without pretence.
For what does it matter
about the past and any pain
we live on regardless
or else all is in vain
Choices ripple on water
we set in motion to see
the ending to the statement,
What will be, will be…

LadyP © 2010

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

A Long Thin Tale…



Last night I dreamed
that I had died
it was so sad
I stood and cried
I looked around
but couldn’t see
where on earth
I could be
NO-one about
Just an open gate
I wondered
should I go in or wait?
It was slightly open
so I slipped in,
could do no harm
so where’s the sin?
A voice cried out
sounding like thunder,
saying ‘Who are you?’
Oops, what a blunder,
I took to my heels
with a quick glance to the rear
saw a white haired gent
giving chase quite near,
saying  ‘you don’t belong here
You’ve not in the book’
I picked up speed
hardly daring to look
As I reached some trees
for handy cover
He seemed to lose me
then knocked me over
a rugby tackle
brought me down
as I lay there winded
he remarked with a frown
’No name, no entry,
didn’t you know?
Unless you’re picked
it’s not time to go’
thank goodness for that
I thought with a smile
I was hoping to live longer,
or …at least for a while.
I suddenly woke up
in my own bed
grass stains on my hand
and a lump on my head……….

LadyP © 2010

Sunday, 31 October 2010

A Halloween Tale…



Let me tell you a story of a room with no view,
the windows are boarded, it’s door is locked too
no way can you enter this dark scary place,
as a man so alone wants to see no-ones face.


For many long years he’s lived locked inside
this room with no view, this place he can hide
deathless, seemingly immortal, he waits in vain
for his one true love, and it’s driven him insane


She left him heartbroken, no backward glance
She left him without pity, no second chance
Little did she know, he knew where she’d gone
he’s waiting for vengeance, her only child lives on


This child has grown. a young lady of means
she bought the house outright, totally unseen
She was excitedly viewing it, from top to bottom
BUT one door was locked,  a lost key forgotten


He waited for a chance to catch her alone
some friend had been there, now they’d gone,
As he heard her footsteps outside his room,
he whispered silently, “You’ll be with me soon”


I know no more of this unhappy tale
but the neglected house is again up ‘For sale’
Mayhap the Dark Room is still locked away
but could there be two who inhabit it today?


LadyP ©2010

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

My Buddy….

I’ve just tried and failed to do a poem about my Bess, but nothing will work, nothing sounds right, it was too syrupy, it just, well,  sounded…ridiculous

SO, I’ll just say these words,

When I first had ownership of a small bundle of black and white fur of 8 weeks old, I had no idea how my life would be turned upside down. My home and garden too, if I’m perfectly honest.
My first and only dog, ..my own, she was dependant on me and my then husband of course, but she was my idea and therefore my responsibility.  We’ve been through so much, the joys of owning a dog, having a sidekick, someone like Bess, who just makes life worth living.  Alright I admit, I have called her :- trouble, fun, joy, love, heartache, pain and last of all ‘someone’ of whom I will say has increased my joy in day to day living. To wake up of a morning (6 o’clock for walkies) and see her, ever ready for play  (Ughh)…her eyes, asking all the while .’What are we doing today  ..eh? eh?’ …Her ability to change your mood from sadness to a smile as she tries to bury the glove you lost, the sock you’ve been missing for ages, the way she barks at the Freezer, an old enemy, it’s the cold air perhaps?  who knows…and the ‘under the feet’ syndrome, as you’re walking into a room, ‘where are we going?’ turns into a howl, from you, as she’s tries to beat you to the back door, maybe to try and find something interesting outside.  eh?  ‘Are we?’

Most of all, this larger, older bundle of black and white fur, is in my heart, she makes me cry when she’s not well, she makes me laugh when we play, and she is my buddy…The years are getting on, the grey hairs are coming, (Bess not me!!  Hmmff), and she’s showing her age, slowing down a bit, not much but just enough to show the years.  I love you, Bess, I love you loads…I never, ever thought about the end of this partnership of ours, but it will come and I don’t know what I’ll do without you.  For now, as I carry you up the stairs you used to take in a few bounds (Osteoarthritis), as you bark to be let out and I watch you slowly make your way into the garden, (one changed over the years from orderly to dog -friendly, a mess really!)..I wonder how I’ll cope..but I will. sadder and lonelier than I’ve ever felt before…but I would not wish to have missed out on your company, your wet nose on my bare feet and most of all you..

02-06-10_134455  .. MY Buddy..


Apologies for being sentimental..She’s was ill this week..and it’s been a bit traumatic…But she is better, and I hope and pray she stays that way, for a long while to come.. (she’s 13)


LadyP x

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Closing The Door.



You want an answer to your question

you want to know my decision today?

Surely you can tell I’m undecided

As I try to keep out of your way.


You wonder about my reasoning?

you wonder if I’ll turn you away?

surely you know I weigh the options

it’s best for me at the end of the day.


You have the answer to your question

yet still again you ask of me why?

Please accept what I say, just go away

Do I want to change suppliers?  NO, Goodbye!!



LadyP © 2010

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Keeping Pace



 It seems I’ve joined with WordPress

and Blogger, now I’m Twitter~ing too

armed with Pen Name and email address

I log into this and that, don’t you?

This modern life passes so quickly

like a blur, so I cannot keep pace

I get emails galore, showing updates and more

Seems I’m wired into the network race…….


( & I’m loving every minute.)


LadyP © 2010


Sunday, 10 October 2010

A Dragons Tale….


“Have you a spare moment to listen?”, the gruff voice said impatiently. It took me aback for a minute, even had my head swivelling this way and that, but there was no-one about. Then suddenly, just in front of my office desk, a large figure began to form.   It was a Green Dragon, and clasped in his right front claw was a small red pipe,  a smoking pipe at that,  which to my mind was not quite the norm.  He went on “Have you perhaps the knowledge of the nearest Dragon Lair?”…I stared open-mouthed, and finally answered “ You know, this is a no smoking area… and to be honest I have no idea where the lair could be…Have you tried asking in reception?” whilst thinking  “Now that’d give Imogen something to do other than polishing her nails!!”

He coughed, a large throaty cough, and a small spurt of bright yellowy/orange flame shot from his mouth,  which gave me rather a jolt as I wasn’t sure if the desk was fireproof, but I carried on regardless… “and I’m sure it’s against office policy to be shooting flames about.”    He begged pardon, and stared at me rather slyly, then lumbered over to my side of the desk. I had a thought to back away slightly, but this was my office and no-one,  especially a Dragon,  was scaring me.  So I looked up and met his eyes,  a rather long way to look up,  but I managed it without blinking, and saw to my surprise that his eyes were rather sad-looking.  Before I could stop myself I asked “Is everything ok? Maybe I can help in some other way?” and his sharp teeth suddenly appeared in a smile, I hoped it was a smile, which seemed to change his appearance from totally overpowering to just about friendly.  “Now that you ask, I think you could do me a favour, but you have to know the consequences before you answer my question.” ..I gulped as I was still staring at his teeth, and what a fine set of sharply point attributes they were, then at his claws which were still clutching his red pipe, now unlit as no smoke was issuing forth at all.   “Consequences?” I echoed..”What ever do you mean?”

He shifted position slightly and following my gaze to his pipe, he said “Oh dear,  I wasn’t concentrating'”  before I could object, he’d relit the pipe by spurting a small length of flame, and wispy smoke curled it's merry way to the ceiling once more., “Now, that’s a handy talent“ I thought, as he took a quick pull at the stem and blew small designs with the smoke,  at first a simple circle, then a flying bird, then finally a three-masted ship in full sail appeared in mid-air. Whilst I gasped at it’s intricate beauty, I was totally unaware of his gaze, his smile and finally the fact that we were both on the deck of the ship, with the sapphire blue expanse of the open seas before us.  “What on Earth" I spluttered, whilst totally overcome with heady excitement,  I was conscious of his gaze again and knew what I had to ask..     “You said something about a Question?”.. “Ah yes, so I did, “ he growled slightly, almost menacingly, “Do you wish for a different Life, Lady?, Do you wish for adventure and more? Think on, you must answer true.”   I opened my mouth to answer, but thoughts were swirling round my brain, each one as stupid as the last, “What about the balance sheets, what about the error in the figures,  What about my job,  what about ... nothing, what about adventure?”  and I finally found my voice and croaked “ I do” which sounded like a marriage vow, so I added quickly, “Yes I do wish that”

“Then let it be so,” He waved his pipe in a circle and muttered a few softly spoken indistinguishable words.. and the smoky form of the ship gained substance until there were firm wooden planks beneath my feet. “I..I..don’t even know your name” were the only words which came to mind. He coughed on his pipe, spluttered whilst roaring “WHAT? don’t you know that’s bad form. You must never ask my name. I will proffer it should I so wish, but no Dragon will ever give his true name, lest he be caught and overpowered by a spell. You may call me Fyrespike, “

‘Twas thus I met Fyrespike, and when I wish adventure, I only have to breathe his name. I still have no knowledge of his true Dragon name, but maybe one day he’ll trust me enough to share.….

but for now you must excuse me, these accounts won’t do themselves …take care fellow travellers…


Wednesday, 15 September 2010





Today it’s colder, the winter chill growing

the wind whips all debris about,

the hot summer sun seems a long ago dream

Autumn soon to make an entrance no doubt.

The seasons flow in non stop rhythm,

the life and soul of this planet Earth

each one responding to the trigger given

bringing hope in the full circle of rebirth…




Above painting, oil on Canvas by David Lloyd Griffith…


Thursday, 9 September 2010

….FOR ME….?




Mobile Pictures 086


Pink Vases you stand there so….Pink and tall

where to put you?…I don’t know, you don’t fit at all

everywhere I try, you stand out like a sore thumb,

hallway, mantel, shelf,…what a game you’ve become


Upstairs and downstairs, I’ve tried every last space,

but you stand there, looking so, so out of place

pink and glassy, you seem to defy me to find

a place I can leave you,  put you out of my mind


I’m tempted, sorely tempted to lose you somewhere,

but you were a present and I couldn’t take the frosty glare

from the person who gave you to me with such glee

So there you stand, on the mantel, laughing solely at me……



LadyP © 2010





Wednesday, 1 September 2010

For Love?…

For all the tall tales that have ever been told,
For all the sad reasons of the tale telling,
For all the lives touched by lies grown so old,
For all the lovers, betrayed,  left with tears welling
For this is how lies twist a life with such pain
For this is how love is lost through lies spun
For this is sad truth, as faith dies with no gain
For this being Life, Love has ended, No-one's won,
Though the jealousy owning the liar fades and dies
Though it has seen the star crossed lovers are done
what happens when love fades?..why even through lies
Could the liar and the spurned lover ever be as one?
LadyP © 2010

Saturday, 31 July 2010

A Page Turner..


Tis a book like no other, no tale to tell,

forever open, with blank pages turning

Shouldst thou murmur a spell, incant the words well

thou wilt be blessed by a great deal of learning,


But beware of the Book before thou casts a first look

shouldst thy incant be in doubt , thou must ponder,

couldst thou pay the high fee, for it waits with such glee

as thou become trapped by a feeling of wonder


Yes, this Knowledgeable Book, tricks some who look

taking their minds and thoughts without sorrow

it just lives to take, there’s no pity at stake

so beware and mayhap think again on the ‘morrow…


LadyP © 2010


I’m going away on Holiday for a while.  I hope to catch up with everyone as soon as I return… take care,. my friends., and bye for now   .xPenx


Monday, 26 July 2010




Do you know me?

Say you do,

say you know my name

say it please I beg this day

for I forget, am I to blame?


I had a dream

that once I roamed

this world without a thought

but troubles came using my name

they came and I was caught…


I once was whole,

I once breathed life

into every living thing

I kept this world safe from harm

who tears me apart, poisoning?


Do you know me?

please, say you do….

for I forget my name

Was I Gaia?…Guardian of Earth…

Is it you should feel the shame?



LadyP © 2010

Friday, 23 July 2010

Black as Oil……..



Oh you mockers, wagging your finger,

shaking your heads, with eyes that linger,

on heads bowed down in abject sorrow

come the day, come tomorrow,

Seems that nothings come to pass

dreams have broken,  shattered glass,

nothing is as it seems at all

you climbed so high, but now you fall

down, far down, to the darkness waiting

you tried and failed and now they’re baiting

calling for blood as you once did,

so, finish it now, close the damned lid,

on all that future, promised bright

now what’s left?…’tis black as night…


LadyP © 2010

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Keep Your Nerve..


Ah yes, this was the place, the number on the door was correct, this was where the 'happening' was going to be held...It looked a gigantic dark building... Knock on the door, go on....knock...So said the voice inside her head, whilst her hand, almost of it's own accord, raised itself, lifted the large brass Lions Head, and let it drop..."Bang" it went, almost startling her in it's loudness... She took a step backwards, almost ready to run should the knock not be answered...Her nerves were bad enough as it was, thinking of what lay ahead tonight... But no, the doorknob started turning, then the massive door creaked open, to reveal a shape, a very large shape blocking out the light from within... "You knocked?"  the voice queried..."Yes" she squeaked nervously, and managed to ask..."Is this the Martins Residence?"...

The figure moved slightly so she now had a better view from the light shining from the lamppost on the street, ...My goodness, he was tall...6' 6" if she was a good judge..... "You're slightly early?"...the man almost accused..."Weren't you informed of the change to the starting time?" She stared, open mouthed, "but surely?...it can't be much later than this?"...They needed to start now, as soon as possible...or else it'll be much too late... He kept his darkly brooding eyes staring directly into her startled gaze, almost considering her statement, then, as if making his mind up, suddenly stepped aside and beckoned her to enter the abode.... She could hear the excited voices within, eager voices, voices suddenly high pitched, almost squealing...Voices which chilled her to the bone... Her heart beats quickened, it was nearly time, she had been readying herself for this moment, this stage in her life, almost before she could remember. She need to do this, and yes, she had tried to once before, but her nerve had given out. He ushered her into the first room off the massive hallway, it was a sumptuously decorated room, empty though, except for the one table, topped by lighted mirrors and a couple of chairs set near the wall, just to the left of the large un-curtained double windows...

'Do you have everything you require?'  his deep voice questioned behind her...She jumped, as her thoughts had turned inwards, thinking about what she had to do, 'Yes, thank you, ' she replied,  always polite, always ready to respond to friendly overtures. Although, looking at him, friendly wouldn't have been the first word she'd have come up with to describe him. She placed her bag on the chair, turned to look at him and firmly repeated ' Yes, thank you, I'll be fine, I have all I could need'.... He gazed at her for a couple of seconds, even that was almost too long a time.  He seemed to soften his attitude slightly, looking down at her from his lofty heights, was that pity in his glance?  'You'll be fine'...Then abruptly left the room, almost as if regretting his kind words...

She sat in front of the lighted mirror, attending to her makeup, then finally put on her costume, all the while thinking as if almost trying to comfort herself...'It won't be like the last time, I mean it's not as if they could kill me or anything...now could they?' The sudden appearance of the figure at the door startled her again and the voice stated blandly..."You ready ?...They're all waiting for you,"

She straightened, stretched her arms out wide and took a steadying deep breath, trying hard to calm herself. She followed him to the door of the next room, where they halted a second or two, listening, as the voices seemed even louder, frantic almost, surely they wouldn't harm her?...

'In you go' he said, as with a push to the small of her back, he almost threw her past the opened door,  threw her to the mercy of................

a room full of screaming children, various ages by the look of things, as her startled gaze tried to figure out where to stand..., “ Heaven help me, “  she thought, “being a Children's Entertainer really took it out on your nerves...Ah well....The show must go on.....”


LadyP © 2010

Monday, 19 July 2010

Counting Time..


 In this age of saving precious time

for what?, for where?, for whom?.

of hoarding each second like gold dust..

as if every lost minute spells doom...

Hurrying all the while, we move so fast,

not counting the cost to our souls...

racing from A to B...as if driven at speed

to our life's end, there to face our lost goals

Was it worth it, the hoarding, the saving 

as if life's a game or a lottery of chance?

why not choose to swirl in a slow waltz,

not spin round the dance floor in the latest fast dance,

why not…

slow down,

take time,

look all around you

take stock of who you are,

what you truly want done

for without knowing yourself,

you have found no answers

at 'Game Over', it's too late ...your time has gone...

LadyP© 2010

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

A Lost Day…



fkid_mirror_thumb[4] Today's been a strange day...In fact a very strange day....

It started slow...and continued exactly the same way,

I never seemed to quite grasp any vivid sensation,

of knowing which way I was going, in which direction.

This strange, strange day...where fact seemed to crumble,

and the edge of reason, of any sense taking a tumble..

just like fiction as I looked 'round for any sign of knowing

Where I was,  where I'd been...or even where I was going

This strange strange day,  which seemed almost a dream

What have I done?...What have I achieved?...Nothing it would seem.

I sat here, waiting, forever waiting, for what seemed like an age.,

No wonder I need a life, or mayhap a key to my self-made cage?........


LadyP © 2010

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Searching for Soul………..


Ever searched behind your eyes?

Ever looked deep and true?

Ever wondered what they see

when people look at you?

Do they wonder who I am deep down

Do they wonder at my nature

I hope I show a caring soul

and not a heartless creature.

mosaic mirror pompeii

 Ever looked into the mirror

Ever stared at the reflection shown?

Ever posed this way and that

trying to see what should be known.

Not in any narcissistic way,

not just to stand and glare

But to find truth behind the eyes

hoping a loving soul lives there..




LadyP ©2010

Monday, 5 July 2010

A Long, Thin Tale…..

Last night I dreamed
that I had died
it was so sad
I stood and cried
I looked around
but couldn’t see
where the flippin’ ‘eck
I could be
NO-one about
Just an open gate
I wondered
should I go in or wait?
It was slightly open
so I slipped in,
could do no harm
so where’s the sin?
A voice cried out
sounding like thunder,
saying ‘Who are you?’
Oops, what a blunder,
I took to my heels
with a quick glance to the rear
saw a white haired gent
giving chase quite near,
saying  ‘you don’t belong here
You’ve not in the book’
I picked up speed
hardly daring to look
As I reached some trees
for handy cover
He seemed to lose me
then knocked me over
a rugby tackle
brought me down
as I lay there winded
he remarked with a frown
’No name, no entry,
didn’t you know?
Unless you’re picked
it’s not time to go’
thank goodness for that
I thought with a smile
I was hoping to live longer,
or …at least for a while.
I suddenly woke up
in my own bed
grass stains on my hand
and a lump on my head……….



LadyP © 2010

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Inside Out..

Are you overcome by sadness

when there’s no real reason why

sometimes the tears start falling

nothing happened to make you cry


somewhere deep down inside

something clicked off then on

the emotional time passes away

sadness and tears, both are gone


maybe dark thoughts had taken hold

without you ever knowing why,

now fading away, a distant memory

you smile, you continue..and yet you sigh….

LadyP © 2010


Sunday, 27 June 2010

Beware The Bottle….


Let me paint you a scene of a dark, stormy night,

Thunder and lightning are ruling the skies,

There’s a old back alleyway, bereft of any street light

And there, halfway down it, an Antique shop hides.


As you pass through the shop door, a little bell rings

But there seems no-one about to answer it’s call

Stood before you, on desk packed with ancient things

Is a bottle, shining bright, seemingly tipped to fall.


Please Help me’ it cries, in a voice filled with fear,

As the spirit inside it has been trapped for some time,

A fluorescent blue light seems intent to draw you near

As reaching out, you vaguely hear a warning chime.


At the rear of the shop is a brass ornamental gong, 

It sounds it’s dire warning should Old Magic be used

But, alas too late for you, you’ve heard the siren song

You grasp the bottle, spirits are swapped, then fused


Let me paint you a scene of a dark and stormy night,

Where an Antique shop windows are dusty and old

Inside which, placed on desk, is a bottle, shining bright

You are contained, crying “Please help me, I’m so cold”


LadyP © 2010 

Friday, 25 June 2010

A Small Tale…...

sleep 1

For the second time that night she checked under the bed...No nothing there...What was that noise? There, there it was again...a slight ticking sound. Her brother had said something about there being a 'Death Watch Beetle' and she being a serious 12 year old took things literally,  so this black beetle...(they always were black, weren't they?) surely it had to have a watch and obviously this beetle needed to tell the time for some reason, a bit like the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. She wasn't scared, of course she wasn’t...the light was on… nothing could happen while the light was on, that was a known fact, everyone knew it...Even 12 year olds, actually she was twelve and three quarters, an important fact that three quarters, she was older than her friend, Lily, so that meant she knew more about life. That’s right and she knew about Beetles and she wanted to see this one and as she was feeling sleepy she might miss it, Yawn!! So it better hurry up and come out from under wherever it was, because, yawn!!!!, she was so, so tired.....


Morning arrived...to find the little girl asleep on the floor by the side of the bed...Her mischievous brother tip-toed in and crawled under the bed from the opposite side.  Lifting a small broken piece of floorboard, he removed his grandfathers fob watch, then carefully replacing the board ever, ever so silently, he tip-toed out of the room again...


Some time later, the little girl woke with a start, still lying on the floor. She remembered the night before and smiling a little to herself, she looked down at her right hand...There held gently in the palm of her hand was a little Black Beetle, wearing a little gold chain and hanging from this gold chain was a little gold watch,   ... Tick Tock...

LadyP © 2010


Wednesday, 23 June 2010



I find myself trying to rhyme all the time, see?… My mind seems to want to stay in rhyming mode, I don’t know why. I used to blog a few years ago, I used to share my everyday life, anything and everything that I thought would be of interest, until I suddenly realised my whole life was there, written on those pages for all to see…My pain, my laughter, my mistakes and my triumphs…I went too far with the sharing..It was not good, looking back, I know it could have been classed as therapy, maybe, and perhaps cheap at the price, but it had to stop. Things were getting out of hand and so Lady Penelope was born on WLS and now here .… I feel free to try different subjects, a different way of connecting with people…Whereas before it was a case of this is my life, warts and all, it’s now… these are my poems, my stories, read them if you will, they are a part of me, my way of looking at the world, sad sometimes, happy others, for we are a mixture of the two are we not?.

WE are a combination of our Past, Present and soon to be future…so, I hope you enjoy what’s on offer…as much as I enjoy preparing them for your delectation!

Monday, 21 June 2010

Last Thoughts...

She'd lived in the house for years, no bother to anyone..So why?, why were they trying to get her out. Just because the house was worth more now than it had ever been...They felt it was wasted on one old woman...Well, she'd show them...She wasn't dead yet., "Life in the Old Girl yet, eh Tiny?" she whispered out loud to the small ginger cat. He wasn't her cat, just a visitor, the only one she had... .She liked to talk to Tiny, It was almost a warming feeling to hear her own voice. To hear the sound of someone talking. as she hadn't spoken to anyone for days...Or maybe it was weeks?...The milkman stopped calling when she'd fallen behind with paying her bill, same with the paper-boy, same with everything really. Michael, her grandson never called round, well, not since she'd refused to give him the money for a car. How on earth could she afford that when she'd given him her last few savings for the new TV ,  where did he think she'd get the money from, thin air?  Now though, he was trying to get her into a home, then he'd get his hands on her property at last.  It was a shame really, as he'd been such a lovely child, always wanting to do things for his grandma...now he felt she was a burden standing in the way of his inheritance. Him and that ...woman of his...she was mainly to blame, always wanting the newest gadgets, the latest toy to be bought and then cast aside for something else, never satisfied, these young-uns...Well, she had a surprise for them. She'd drawn up a will and when she felt strong enough she'd take it to her solicitors. Yes, she sighed, when she was strong enough.
Now, when had she last eaten? She felt so weak. Had it been yesterday or the day before?. ..Ah, she thought,  if only Jim were alive, he'd look after me...but Jim had died, leaving her completely alone. Why? She missed him so much, why had he been taken from her?, why couldn't it have been she who'd gone first? He had been the strongest of the two of them, he could have coped with her problems easily. They'd struggled so hard though-out their lives to raise their son, only to be left with that.... weak minded individual, under the thumb of that ... woman!!.... Well, she'd show them...Oh yes..she would...She'd show ....
She was so tired, tired of being without the love and strength of her Jim, it had been how long? sixteen?...no seventeen years now. Too long, much too long. The ready tears were there, casting a blur on the room.  She suddenly noticed a movement in the gloomy corner, was there something shining? Then all of a sudden a figure was bending over her, holding his hand out towards her.... Jim?... was it?...no, it couldn't be....he looked so young, just like the day he'd asked her to be his love for the rest of his life. She smiled, her face alight with hope, her eyes shining like a young girls, It was so good to see him, so much so that her heart was bursting with love, in fact her heart burst...and she breathed her last. Holding on to Jim...Ah...She was home, home at last....What did it matter about the house, what did anything matter? Her true love, her mate, her Jim was here.. Looking after her, as he'd promised. Love will see to all things.........

Friday, 18 June 2010

Who To Blame…


If I stand still and drink my fill

of the world that’s round about me,

would you blame me?


If I lose my way, from day to day

travel in circles that confound me

would you blame me?


If I search for life, leave my title of wife,

hiding the doubts inside me

would you blame me?


The question I ask, taking myself to task

it’s all about me, for can’t you see

I blame me…….


LadyP © 2010

Monday, 14 June 2010



world hands

The voice spoke softly but ever so clear

saying come this way if you hold your life dear

step through this gate to another world

and forward you stepped, where starlight twirled

your senses gone, your mind left reeling

you could see no-one, you were left feeling

quite alone in space, no-one as a guide

suddenly there was a presence by your side,

startled you turned and there a robot stood

metal hand outstretched, grasping a piece of wood

‘Take this’ it said in tones bereft of emotion

‘it is yours for life,’ and you experienced a notion

that in accepting this gift you had no choice

though you had enough nerve inside to voice

a few words of doubt ‘Are you sure it’s mine?’

to which the robot replied ‘”You are the end of the line

‘NO one else is left,  they felt Armageddon’s call

You and only you heard my voice at all.

This wood is the symbol of Natures re-birth

You must rise to my challenge, you must re-build Earth…”


LadyP © 2010

Wednesday, 9 June 2010


If life is truly what you make it....do you take what's offered without thought?
If you try for happiness without thinking of others,  is your time on this earth worth nought?
If happiness is really there for the taking...do you consider the ones left behind?
If you grasp and go to a new life.... ...will you be damned in a hereafter or just your own mind?.....
There's a moral to tales well worth reading, there's a moral to which some folk abide...
so, do you take this chance of living again...or reject what's offered and hide...
from the One who loves you so much, he waits and wonders will you stay true..
to the promise of love and the future....to all that he offers openly to you....
This story seems a tale of questions,.....that of a mind ranging far and searching wide...
for an answer to "Can you live without him?".. The reply?.."No, my Place is forever by his side".....

LadyP © 2010...

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Homeward Bound……

AS the plumed waves rushed towards the shore,
under the gaze of the desolate moon,
the ghost ship sailed on one quest more
it’s path lit by the moonlights gloom.
Many long years they’d sailed the seas,
Done evil things they’d forever regret
ignored all their victims plaintive pleas,
until they were cursed to never forget.
For a hundred years they served their time,
kept from life, forgetting it’s pleasure,
no crumb could be eaten, water tasted like brine
only thus could they pay full measure.
They traversed the seas by starlit charts,
long gone worlds had died to light
the way to their final resting place,
The ghost crew would find peace tonight…….

LadyP © 2010