Wednesday, 15 September 2010





Today it’s colder, the winter chill growing

the wind whips all debris about,

the hot summer sun seems a long ago dream

Autumn soon to make an entrance no doubt.

The seasons flow in non stop rhythm,

the life and soul of this planet Earth

each one responding to the trigger given

bringing hope in the full circle of rebirth…




Above painting, oil on Canvas by David Lloyd Griffith…



  1. Autumn is my favourite season. It's more evocative than all the other seasons. Nice words.

  2. I love this time of year before winter rears its ugly head. Great poem.

  3. It has been a quite time our blogging?
    you having An Autumn time..we having a spring time BUT not present spring time though it mostly showerly days..From today and this weekend are beautiful weathers thats the weather forcast says?? your poem is always nice:-)
    Hope you have a great day,

  4. Hi Pen, found you, you know you can't hide from me, I know why you try it, you think I'm going to steal your lovely JD pics, I don't blame you for being possessive, they're really droolable, [is that a word?] well it suits. I tried to follow you but the Java script was void or something, but I'll try again and pop back to see you anyhows. take care, and I'm so glad you've settled her and not WP as I don't think I would get on with it and it's not nearly so pretty, I like your spot, you've made a good job of it. hugs to Bess

  5. Wordpress address? Is it up yet?

  6. Beautiful Poem Pen you have a way with words. Johnny Depp yes very nice indeed. Love his films to LOL take care Hugs Sheila.

  7. I am on Wordpress now but I found uncimfortabe at present time, even I try to new post just not same as in here? I know this is me.
    But anyway we need move out within couple month
    tims...my wordpress is michikojwordpress.com.
    I try to keep blogspot and wordpress..hoefully!
    You have nice day,

  8. Hi Pen, came on here hoping to read some of your lovely poems, are you still busy, gone into hiding, or horrors of horrors, you've left us for Word Press? Come back to us. Or absconded with the delectable JD.

  9. Just spent 10 minutes drooling over the slide show of JD, sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.