Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Inside Out..

Are you overcome by sadness

when there’s no real reason why

sometimes the tears start falling

nothing happened to make you cry


somewhere deep down inside

something clicked off then on

the emotional time passes away

sadness and tears, both are gone


maybe dark thoughts had taken hold

without you ever knowing why,

now fading away, a distant memory

you smile, you continue..and yet you sigh….

LadyP © 2010


Sunday, 27 June 2010

Beware The Bottle….


Let me paint you a scene of a dark, stormy night,

Thunder and lightning are ruling the skies,

There’s a old back alleyway, bereft of any street light

And there, halfway down it, an Antique shop hides.


As you pass through the shop door, a little bell rings

But there seems no-one about to answer it’s call

Stood before you, on desk packed with ancient things

Is a bottle, shining bright, seemingly tipped to fall.


Please Help me’ it cries, in a voice filled with fear,

As the spirit inside it has been trapped for some time,

A fluorescent blue light seems intent to draw you near

As reaching out, you vaguely hear a warning chime.


At the rear of the shop is a brass ornamental gong, 

It sounds it’s dire warning should Old Magic be used

But, alas too late for you, you’ve heard the siren song

You grasp the bottle, spirits are swapped, then fused


Let me paint you a scene of a dark and stormy night,

Where an Antique shop windows are dusty and old

Inside which, placed on desk, is a bottle, shining bright

You are contained, crying “Please help me, I’m so cold”


LadyP © 2010 

Friday, 25 June 2010

A Small Tale…...

sleep 1

For the second time that night she checked under the bed...No nothing there...What was that noise? There, there it was again...a slight ticking sound. Her brother had said something about there being a 'Death Watch Beetle' and she being a serious 12 year old took things literally,  so this black beetle...(they always were black, weren't they?) surely it had to have a watch and obviously this beetle needed to tell the time for some reason, a bit like the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. She wasn't scared, of course she wasn’t...the light was on… nothing could happen while the light was on, that was a known fact, everyone knew it...Even 12 year olds, actually she was twelve and three quarters, an important fact that three quarters, she was older than her friend, Lily, so that meant she knew more about life. That’s right and she knew about Beetles and she wanted to see this one and as she was feeling sleepy she might miss it, Yawn!! So it better hurry up and come out from under wherever it was, because, yawn!!!!, she was so, so tired.....


Morning arrived...to find the little girl asleep on the floor by the side of the bed...Her mischievous brother tip-toed in and crawled under the bed from the opposite side.  Lifting a small broken piece of floorboard, he removed his grandfathers fob watch, then carefully replacing the board ever, ever so silently, he tip-toed out of the room again...


Some time later, the little girl woke with a start, still lying on the floor. She remembered the night before and smiling a little to herself, she looked down at her right hand...There held gently in the palm of her hand was a little Black Beetle, wearing a little gold chain and hanging from this gold chain was a little gold watch,   ... Tick Tock...

LadyP © 2010


Wednesday, 23 June 2010



I find myself trying to rhyme all the time, see?… My mind seems to want to stay in rhyming mode, I don’t know why. I used to blog a few years ago, I used to share my everyday life, anything and everything that I thought would be of interest, until I suddenly realised my whole life was there, written on those pages for all to see…My pain, my laughter, my mistakes and my triumphs…I went too far with the sharing..It was not good, looking back, I know it could have been classed as therapy, maybe, and perhaps cheap at the price, but it had to stop. Things were getting out of hand and so Lady Penelope was born on WLS and now here .… I feel free to try different subjects, a different way of connecting with people…Whereas before it was a case of this is my life, warts and all, it’s now… these are my poems, my stories, read them if you will, they are a part of me, my way of looking at the world, sad sometimes, happy others, for we are a mixture of the two are we not?.

WE are a combination of our Past, Present and soon to be future…so, I hope you enjoy what’s on offer…as much as I enjoy preparing them for your delectation!

Monday, 21 June 2010

Last Thoughts...

She'd lived in the house for years, no bother to anyone..So why?, why were they trying to get her out. Just because the house was worth more now than it had ever been...They felt it was wasted on one old woman...Well, she'd show them...She wasn't dead yet., "Life in the Old Girl yet, eh Tiny?" she whispered out loud to the small ginger cat. He wasn't her cat, just a visitor, the only one she had... .She liked to talk to Tiny, It was almost a warming feeling to hear her own voice. To hear the sound of someone talking. as she hadn't spoken to anyone for days...Or maybe it was weeks?...The milkman stopped calling when she'd fallen behind with paying her bill, same with the paper-boy, same with everything really. Michael, her grandson never called round, well, not since she'd refused to give him the money for a car. How on earth could she afford that when she'd given him her last few savings for the new TV ,  where did he think she'd get the money from, thin air?  Now though, he was trying to get her into a home, then he'd get his hands on her property at last.  It was a shame really, as he'd been such a lovely child, always wanting to do things for his grandma...now he felt she was a burden standing in the way of his inheritance. Him and that ...woman of his...she was mainly to blame, always wanting the newest gadgets, the latest toy to be bought and then cast aside for something else, never satisfied, these young-uns...Well, she had a surprise for them. She'd drawn up a will and when she felt strong enough she'd take it to her solicitors. Yes, she sighed, when she was strong enough.
Now, when had she last eaten? She felt so weak. Had it been yesterday or the day before?. ..Ah, she thought,  if only Jim were alive, he'd look after me...but Jim had died, leaving her completely alone. Why? She missed him so much, why had he been taken from her?, why couldn't it have been she who'd gone first? He had been the strongest of the two of them, he could have coped with her problems easily. They'd struggled so hard though-out their lives to raise their son, only to be left with that.... weak minded individual, under the thumb of that ... woman!!.... Well, she'd show them...Oh yes..she would...She'd show ....
She was so tired, tired of being without the love and strength of her Jim, it had been how long? sixteen?...no seventeen years now. Too long, much too long. The ready tears were there, casting a blur on the room.  She suddenly noticed a movement in the gloomy corner, was there something shining? Then all of a sudden a figure was bending over her, holding his hand out towards her.... Jim?... was it?...no, it couldn't be....he looked so young, just like the day he'd asked her to be his love for the rest of his life. She smiled, her face alight with hope, her eyes shining like a young girls, It was so good to see him, so much so that her heart was bursting with love, in fact her heart burst...and she breathed her last. Holding on to Jim...Ah...She was home, home at last....What did it matter about the house, what did anything matter? Her true love, her mate, her Jim was here.. Looking after her, as he'd promised. Love will see to all things.........

Friday, 18 June 2010

Who To Blame…


If I stand still and drink my fill

of the world that’s round about me,

would you blame me?


If I lose my way, from day to day

travel in circles that confound me

would you blame me?


If I search for life, leave my title of wife,

hiding the doubts inside me

would you blame me?


The question I ask, taking myself to task

it’s all about me, for can’t you see

I blame me…….


LadyP © 2010

Monday, 14 June 2010



world hands

The voice spoke softly but ever so clear

saying come this way if you hold your life dear

step through this gate to another world

and forward you stepped, where starlight twirled

your senses gone, your mind left reeling

you could see no-one, you were left feeling

quite alone in space, no-one as a guide

suddenly there was a presence by your side,

startled you turned and there a robot stood

metal hand outstretched, grasping a piece of wood

‘Take this’ it said in tones bereft of emotion

‘it is yours for life,’ and you experienced a notion

that in accepting this gift you had no choice

though you had enough nerve inside to voice

a few words of doubt ‘Are you sure it’s mine?’

to which the robot replied ‘”You are the end of the line

‘NO one else is left,  they felt Armageddon’s call

You and only you heard my voice at all.

This wood is the symbol of Natures re-birth

You must rise to my challenge, you must re-build Earth…”


LadyP © 2010

Wednesday, 9 June 2010


If life is truly what you make it....do you take what's offered without thought?
If you try for happiness without thinking of others,  is your time on this earth worth nought?
If happiness is really there for the taking...do you consider the ones left behind?
If you grasp and go to a new life.... ...will you be damned in a hereafter or just your own mind?.....
There's a moral to tales well worth reading, there's a moral to which some folk abide...
so, do you take this chance of living again...or reject what's offered and hide...
from the One who loves you so much, he waits and wonders will you stay true..
to the promise of love and the future....to all that he offers openly to you....
This story seems a tale of questions,.....that of a mind ranging far and searching wide...
for an answer to "Can you live without him?".. The reply?.."No, my Place is forever by his side".....

LadyP © 2010...

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Homeward Bound……

AS the plumed waves rushed towards the shore,
under the gaze of the desolate moon,
the ghost ship sailed on one quest more
it’s path lit by the moonlights gloom.
Many long years they’d sailed the seas,
Done evil things they’d forever regret
ignored all their victims plaintive pleas,
until they were cursed to never forget.
For a hundred years they served their time,
kept from life, forgetting it’s pleasure,
no crumb could be eaten, water tasted like brine
only thus could they pay full measure.
They traversed the seas by starlit charts,
long gone worlds had died to light
the way to their final resting place,
The ghost crew would find peace tonight…….

LadyP © 2010