Wednesday, 1 September 2010

For Love?…

For all the tall tales that have ever been told,
For all the sad reasons of the tale telling,
For all the lives touched by lies grown so old,
For all the lovers, betrayed,  left with tears welling
For this is how lies twist a life with such pain
For this is how love is lost through lies spun
For this is sad truth, as faith dies with no gain
For this being Life, Love has ended, No-one's won,
Though the jealousy owning the liar fades and dies
Though it has seen the star crossed lovers are done
what happens when love fades?..why even through lies
Could the liar and the spurned lover ever be as one?
LadyP © 2010


  1. Welcome back Lady P. I really missed your wonderful poems and stories.

  2. so enjoyable to read your stuff again

    have a good holiday or...?

  3. I thank you for your comments too and for your visit > I don't think I was prepared for such visit , but my blog is not finished and it should be set on "not public " . The blog it will be a gift for a special person....

    Yes we all long to be free , we are all the same but so different , so we all long to be free , but from different reasons :)

    I will try read all your writings I think they are beautiful;
    Thank you again

  4. Good to have you back with another fine set of words.

  5. Well, I don't expect read those sad stries in
    your new post, see you next one:-)