Thursday, 9 September 2010

….FOR ME….?




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Pink Vases you stand there so….Pink and tall

where to put you?…I don’t know, you don’t fit at all

everywhere I try, you stand out like a sore thumb,

hallway, mantel, shelf,…what a game you’ve become


Upstairs and downstairs, I’ve tried every last space,

but you stand there, looking so, so out of place

pink and glassy, you seem to defy me to find

a place I can leave you,  put you out of my mind


I’m tempted, sorely tempted to lose you somewhere,

but you were a present and I couldn’t take the frosty glare

from the person who gave you to me with such glee

So there you stand, on the mantel, laughing solely at me……



LadyP © 2010






  1. put them away.
    don't let them play,
    their pink games with your mind .
    in the dark and blind
    you can leave them unseen.
    if the donor comes round , you retrieve 'em

  2. I like this. I have things too that have been given to me by friends. I don't know what to do with them so I put them away and dig them out, hopefully in time before the giver comes to see me.

  3. I have room for pink vases LadyP:-)
    I knew that it's not easy as I think..
    Can't find them anywhere even the bath rooms..
    have a great weekend,