Monday, 26 July 2010




Do you know me?

Say you do,

say you know my name

say it please I beg this day

for I forget, am I to blame?


I had a dream

that once I roamed

this world without a thought

but troubles came using my name

they came and I was caught…


I once was whole,

I once breathed life

into every living thing

I kept this world safe from harm

who tears me apart, poisoning?


Do you know me?

please, say you do….

for I forget my name

Was I Gaia?…Guardian of Earth…

Is it you should feel the shame?



LadyP © 2010


  1. Yep...we should all feel the shame. Good one.

  2. This is the part where I get into trouble. I love this. I would cut the last two lines: "Was I Gaia?…/Guardian of Earth…Is it you should feel the shame?" Lady, feel free to delete this comment. I love suggestions for cuts but that doesn't mean everybody does. If this shadow has offended....In friendship from a fellow traveler.

  3. Cuts deep into the soul and should be the mantra for all those who forget where we all come from. This was a wonderful reminder, Penelope. You are always so right and true with your words.

  4. Excellent! One of your very best.

  5. Amazing poem on behalf of Mother Earth and speaking our forgetfulness. Thank you for sharing this sad reminder about who is our Mother. Very moving, for me, to read.

  6. thank you for stopping by and leavnig a comment...I am sorry to say I have not been around much...very busy these days...I really enjoy reading your writings...I love poetry...used to write it myself...now I blog and scrapbook...maybe I will try it again...I will be back by to read more...
    grace to you

  7. Very moving and thought provoking - well done! I also love Alex Grey's "Gaia" - thanks for sharing it with us.