Thursday, 8 July 2010

Searching for Soul………..


Ever searched behind your eyes?

Ever looked deep and true?

Ever wondered what they see

when people look at you?

Do they wonder who I am deep down

Do they wonder at my nature

I hope I show a caring soul

and not a heartless creature.

mosaic mirror pompeii

 Ever looked into the mirror

Ever stared at the reflection shown?

Ever posed this way and that

trying to see what should be known.

Not in any narcissistic way,

not just to stand and glare

But to find truth behind the eyes

hoping a loving soul lives there..




LadyP ©2010


  1. A true stroke of genius is what you are, Penelope. I certainly hope you are compiling a honest-to-goodness book with all your works. It will be a real shame if you don't go for publishing so that your works can grace other lives. I do not say this lightly; I am very serious. I adore dropping by and reading everything you have...over and over :D

  2. I had to run back just for a second. You and I were on each other's pages at the same time, lol, and I just finished reading what you said. I, too, have had a gazillion dogs and cats in my life. Also, pet squirrels and raccoons that came inside at will -- and a chicken (that I will blog about later); almost forgot all the parakeets, opps. The most I had all at the same time were 9 cats, 2 dogs, 1 squirrel, 2 raccoons. Would you believe they all got along famously! Anyway, one of the cats was "Tom". Whew, took me forever to get to that sentence.

  3. Lady P, this is wonderful. I do wonder those things.

  4. I looked in the morron once
    seen nothing did not return glances

    there is a pool beyond my depths
    a reflection i know not

    you make me reflect on self
    what is seen... where is depth

  5. You remind me very much of fairy tales and myths and I like it!

  6. Excellent, Lady P. Would make a great song lyric too, if you don't mind me saying. Your words hit home with impact.

  7. Good morning LP,

    I have to admit that thought of a particular person hanging on for dear life on my roof rack made snicker. I apologize God.

    I love your analogy of God always taking a rod to our backs. Nope! That is not Him.

    I’m not leaving WLS unless they lock the door on us. It is still feels like blog home. Besides it is where this whole writing thing started for me. Something I never imagined would happen.

    Yes, the eyes are the window of our soul. The biggest compliment I have ever received is when someone says, “When I look into your eyes it is as if I can see God.”

    Amen. The world would be a better place living in hope. Have a wonderful weekend,


    Good to still be connected.

  8. Your reflection of the soul is beautiful.
    Your words are so true .
    and I have to say Yes Yes and Yes.
    Also the words in our hearts and on our lips written or said say it all too.
    Im with Jenny . I see a book in progress.
    Wonderful Artisty. Lady P.

  9. Yes..."People reading" is a full time profession...this beautiful, Lady Pen.