Friday, 23 July 2010

Black as Oil……..



Oh you mockers, wagging your finger,

shaking your heads, with eyes that linger,

on heads bowed down in abject sorrow

come the day, come tomorrow,

Seems that nothings come to pass

dreams have broken,  shattered glass,

nothing is as it seems at all

you climbed so high, but now you fall

down, far down, to the darkness waiting

you tried and failed and now they’re baiting

calling for blood as you once did,

so, finish it now, close the damned lid,

on all that future, promised bright

now what’s left?…’tis black as night…


LadyP © 2010


  1. Yes it was most certainly a disaster that happen in the gulf of Mexico, could happen again. So many lives ruined because of this oil leak and the poor birds and sea life.

    Have a lovely day
    Hugs Lady J

  2. So very true,
    this will take so long to come right again for both man and animal, that is if it very come right
    You have said it all Lady P
    Hope you have good weekend
    Take care

  3. You told it just like it is Lady P, The disaster has changed so many things that will never be right again, at least not in my lifetime.

  4. This nightmare will continue to unfold for decades, if not for all time. I read about all the "finger pointing", too, and wonder why point? Just "git 'er done" and close the damn lid and never, ever do this drilling of our oceans again. Humans can't seem to ever get enough of anything. More, more is the cry. I say, "Enough already. Stop the madness. We are killing everything including ourselves". Sorry, Pen, I really got on a rant there. It's just SO upsetting and you wrote of it perfectly.

  5. they plunder earth
    without a care
    risks are taken
    "accidents the're very rare"
    but oil flows over sea and land
    feather or fur.. it's all the same
    it sticks to ev'ry thing it meets
    and all because they have on shame

  6. oh for want of a match or plug

  7. This is a BIG an accidents after that affected on the human and wild life birds & fish.
    You have said all.
    Have a great day,

  8. Your words just gave me the chills . So right and right to the heart of it. Wow you sure hit it good here. What a mess the world is in and makes me wonder just how this will affect not just the south but the whole worlds nature and energy.
    Thanks for the words to make me ponder a bit more.
    Great post .