Monday, 19 July 2010

Counting Time..


 In this age of saving precious time

for what?, for where?, for whom?.

of hoarding each second like gold dust..

as if every lost minute spells doom...

Hurrying all the while, we move so fast,

not counting the cost to our souls...

racing from A to B...as if driven at speed

to our life's end, there to face our lost goals

Was it worth it, the hoarding, the saving 

as if life's a game or a lottery of chance?

why not choose to swirl in a slow waltz,

not spin round the dance floor in the latest fast dance,

why not…

slow down,

take time,

look all around you

take stock of who you are,

what you truly want done

for without knowing yourself,

you have found no answers

at 'Game Over', it's too late ...your time has gone...

LadyP© 2010


  1. when is the time to enjoy life...

    now or later....?

    good ?

  2. Bingo, Penelope! You hit it right on the head with that perfect, and I mean perfect post. In fact, in honor of that today, I'm going to talk to my wildlife, read most of a book, skip the cleaning, and call a few friends. Today will be a day of loving observation of what's around me (no brandy alexander tho).

    I read your comment a minute ago and fell out laughing! That was funnier than what I wrote :D
    You should do a piece on that, Penelope, it was sooooo funny, LOL.

  3. This is a great post Lady P. We should enjoy each day to the fullest and look forward to tomorrow with anticipation.

  4. So true and well said. You really like Racey? Keep up the fine work.

  5. Nice to meet another friend of Thomas Covenant.
    Keep writing, my friend...and I shall keep reading.

  6. I hope you don't mind but I followed you who followed Beth..... Ennaway living here in the hollars it's very laid back. So laid back folks don't think bout much LOL!!! Except me of course. Movin here took awhile to git all the knots outtah my tail from semi city livin. Great post great advice! No Jenny I had no Alexander! Iced tea girl!

  7. There is a world of good advice in this poem. The tendency, in our culture of time-saving devices, is not to enjoy the time that has been saved, but to instead fit more productivity into our days. The time taken for our selves, to stop and enjoy life and the beauty around us, is precious.