Tuesday, 2 November 2010

A Long Thin Tale…



Last night I dreamed
that I had died
it was so sad
I stood and cried
I looked around
but couldn’t see
where on earth
I could be
NO-one about
Just an open gate
I wondered
should I go in or wait?
It was slightly open
so I slipped in,
could do no harm
so where’s the sin?
A voice cried out
sounding like thunder,
saying ‘Who are you?’
Oops, what a blunder,
I took to my heels
with a quick glance to the rear
saw a white haired gent
giving chase quite near,
saying  ‘you don’t belong here
You’ve not in the book’
I picked up speed
hardly daring to look
As I reached some trees
for handy cover
He seemed to lose me
then knocked me over
a rugby tackle
brought me down
as I lay there winded
he remarked with a frown
’No name, no entry,
didn’t you know?
Unless you’re picked
it’s not time to go’
thank goodness for that
I thought with a smile
I was hoping to live longer,
or …at least for a while.
I suddenly woke up
in my own bed
grass stains on my hand
and a lump on my head……….

LadyP © 2010


  1. Oh, this is really a good one. Do see a publisher, if only to get all of your works together in one book.

  2. Magic Pen really good very enjoyable thank you. Sheila xx

  3. Hey, Pennnnn! Gosh, it's been forever, at least it feels that way to me. Now here I am and catching up and reading back into your works to see what I missed, and oh, I missed a LOT. As I have always said, your writing is mesmerizing and some of the best I have ever read, and that includes "the famous", oh yes it does. I stand with Beth in saying See A Publisher!
    And then there was the post about Bess. It actually took some time for me to get myself together to post this comment to you. Whew, did I ever cry. I know what you feel and what you are feeling when it comes to her. I'm exactly the same way. Time is always in such a blink, isn't it? They're a puppy or a kitten, blink, they're "teenagers", blink, they're older and wiser adult dog and cats, blink, they move slower when it was just yesterday they chased that ball for half a block and weren't even tired or winded, blink, they're greying, blink, they are carried by us. It's true love in the most true of forms. You and Bess are angels in my eyes, Pen. Just sayin' xoxoxo

  4. Hi Pen,
    I read as a bad dreams that I don't wanted to have that? but your poems are always an attractive one. When I was younger age read the book about just likes your poems:-)
    Hi To Bess!

  5. Hi Pen,
    I can't find your new post "ERUPTIONS" where is?
    Have a great weekend with Bess:-)

  6. Hi Pen have you taken off Eruptions can't seem to find it? Hope you are having a good day, its wet and drizzle here but quite warm. Take care hugs to you and Bess xx