Tuesday, 19 October 2010

My Buddy….

I’ve just tried and failed to do a poem about my Bess, but nothing will work, nothing sounds right, it was too syrupy, it just, well,  sounded…ridiculous

SO, I’ll just say these words,

When I first had ownership of a small bundle of black and white fur of 8 weeks old, I had no idea how my life would be turned upside down. My home and garden too, if I’m perfectly honest.
My first and only dog, ..my own, she was dependant on me and my then husband of course, but she was my idea and therefore my responsibility.  We’ve been through so much, the joys of owning a dog, having a sidekick, someone like Bess, who just makes life worth living.  Alright I admit, I have called her :- trouble, fun, joy, love, heartache, pain and last of all ‘someone’ of whom I will say has increased my joy in day to day living. To wake up of a morning (6 o’clock for walkies) and see her, ever ready for play  (Ughh)…her eyes, asking all the while .’What are we doing today  ..eh? eh?’ …Her ability to change your mood from sadness to a smile as she tries to bury the glove you lost, the sock you’ve been missing for ages, the way she barks at the Freezer, an old enemy, it’s the cold air perhaps?  who knows…and the ‘under the feet’ syndrome, as you’re walking into a room, ‘where are we going?’ turns into a howl, from you, as she’s tries to beat you to the back door, maybe to try and find something interesting outside.  eh?  ‘Are we?’

Most of all, this larger, older bundle of black and white fur, is in my heart, she makes me cry when she’s not well, she makes me laugh when we play, and she is my buddy…The years are getting on, the grey hairs are coming, (Bess not me!!  Hmmff), and she’s showing her age, slowing down a bit, not much but just enough to show the years.  I love you, Bess, I love you loads…I never, ever thought about the end of this partnership of ours, but it will come and I don’t know what I’ll do without you.  For now, as I carry you up the stairs you used to take in a few bounds (Osteoarthritis), as you bark to be let out and I watch you slowly make your way into the garden, (one changed over the years from orderly to dog -friendly, a mess really!)..I wonder how I’ll cope..but I will. sadder and lonelier than I’ve ever felt before…but I would not wish to have missed out on your company, your wet nose on my bare feet and most of all you..

02-06-10_134455  .. MY Buddy..


Apologies for being sentimental..She’s was ill this week..and it’s been a bit traumatic…But she is better, and I hope and pray she stays that way, for a long while to come.. (she’s 13)


LadyP x


  1. Pen I know how you are feeling it was the same with my lovely Lady(Greyhound) Although she passed away 2 years ago now I often still think of her. Bess is truly a wonderful companion to you ,together you have had so much fun and love shared there's no denying she shall be dearly missed when the time comes. She is in my prayers wishing her well now, love and hugs Sheila xxTo the both of you.

  2. Oh Pen, that was so heartfelt, I know exactly how you feel, I've felt that way with every dog I've owned, and the heartache of losing them doesn't get any easier, Just asking, why do we do it? because the rewards are worth the heartache, I've been there several times, but we do recover.

  3. Pen, this is such a lovely tribute that brought tears to my eyes. Bess is a beautiful dog and she has trusted you all of these years to take loving care of her and you have never let her down.

  4. This sad story of Bess that remind me back to 13 years ago he is GermanShepherd and his name is Anson, we bought for my younger son's his
    6 years birthday present,he was a beautiful dog and we loved very much but after 13 years of age his back legs has became Osteoarthritis just like your Bess, I think now the VET use Cortisone for the pets. hope she will get better.
    I will keep in my thought and my prayers for Bess,
    Big Hugs,

  5. Bess sounds adorable. I know exactly how you feel. When I was a kid, we a fabulous Border Collie who, I know, would have literally walked through fire for us. Now, I and my family have a wonderful mongrel we rescued from the Dogs' Home a couple of years ago. She is as mad as a hatter, as soft as muck and full of love. Lots of work but I couldn't imagine life without her. Dogs are simply the best.

    Bless you, Bess.

  6. Preparedness .. it just the prelude to the prologue. in any aspect of all the life skills this may be the hardest to learn because of the fact that you must go through something in order to be prepared for its happening. . as prepared as we may think we are .. when the 'it' thing happens it usually shows us just the opposite. be kind and forgive yourself for being human... in an inhuman, imperfect world and love you.

  7. Hi Pen, just popping in to see if you've been pen pushing, but no, perhaps on WP I'll check you out later, things are quiet I haven't heard from ANYone in ages, or at least three days. maybe they're all on WP.

  8. Hi Pen just popped over like Arlene to say hi hope all ok with you and Bess. xx

  9. Caught you at WP and left a comment.