Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Keeping Pace



 It seems I’ve joined with WordPress

and Blogger, now I’m Twitter~ing too

armed with Pen Name and email address

I log into this and that, don’t you?

This modern life passes so quickly

like a blur, so I cannot keep pace

I get emails galore, showing updates and more

Seems I’m wired into the network race…….


( & I’m loving every minute.)


LadyP © 2010



  1. I know what you mean Pen. Subscribing to someone's blog means emails and the facebook emails are never ending even though I rarely go on there.

  2. luckily there is such thing as the junkmail button, click to the junk file it goes, click then it is empty.

    oh me.... so many buttons... now where did i leave me needle.... off to the store for some tape... get some wire and meld all together...sigh

  3. At least you get some results for all your clickng Pen, I sit here half the day and never seem to get any further on, I don't know whether to add to my old blog or to have another go on W press. decisions, decisions.

  4. Love this poem. It's so true. I've managed to stay away from Twitter but not Facebook, blogger and all the other daily must visits. At least I've figured out some of the settings so I don't get swamped with emails.

  5. So right there Pen where does the time go , it flys by should be doing something , just leave for a while I shall do it in a minute. Oh never mind I do that tomorrow Take care Pen hugs Sheila.

  6. Hi Pen!
    It took me two weeks to my wordpress to look better now with your helps:-)
    Clicking ..how many times wrongly clicked..
    I can't remember now lol!
    Have a great day,