Sunday, 6 February 2011

Homeward Bound……

AS the plumed waves rushed towards the shore,
under the gaze of the desolate moon,
the ghost ship sailed on one quest more
it’s path lit by the moonlights gloom.
Many long years they’d sailed the seas,
Done evil things they’d forever regret
ignored all their victims plaintive pleas,
until they were cursed to never forget.
For a hundred years they served their time,
kept from life, forgetting it’s pleasure,
no crumb could be eaten, water tasted like brine
only thus could they pay full measure.
They traversed the seas by starlit charts,
long gone worlds had died to light
the way to their final resting place,
The ghost crew would find peace tonight…….

LadyP © 2010
re-published…a favourite of mine..


  1. Clapping hands for this one Pen. Great job!!


  2. I know you must have been dreaming of Johnny when you wrote this...

  3. Can I see a Pirate aww yes it be Johnny Depp, love this one Pen xSheilax

  4. ah... I can see I've been rumbled, didn't take much to guess though?... Pirates ahoy Capt'n . heh!!xx

  5. No, no Johnny was not a nasty pirate and wouldn't make his 'victims' cry plaintively and do evil things, this is maybe Bluebeard or Long john Silver, well, whoever it was, it's a lovely poem,and I hope they find peace soon and rest their weary bones.loved it Pen. Hugs XX and pats to Her Maj.

  6. I can think of a number of govt officials that should be on that ship ;)

  7. Beautifully written Pen, absolutely loved this