Friday, 15 April 2011

Self Talking…


Self Talk

There’s a reason for the thrumming 
I hear constantly in my head,
There’s a reason for the thoughts
at least it shows I’m not dead
so when the voice that’s there
sometimes leads me astray
like a naughty companion
present each and every day
I know full well it’s only me,
thinking thoughts in my brain
sometimes serious, sometimes funny,
sometimes making me wonder if I’m quite sane
for talking to myself
every now and again.
Is it normal, is it natural
does sanity hold the key?
I ask myself the question,
and the only one who answers is me…

LadyP© 2011

MY thanks to everyone for your good wishes and thoughts about my girl, Bess. For the past week or so I’ve been reading up online trying to find out any information I could re:- kidney disease and how to counteract it. High protein diet, for one, and I’ve also been told about Cranberry supplement, for the Urinary tract,  plus so many other tips from the local pet shop and friends and family. Today was the first time that Bess looked at all like herself, no pain, eyes bright and totally focused whilst playing, (just a small amount Arlene. xx).. and I know that the future may be rocky but she’s steady for now.  So Bess is happy and relaxed, therefore my ex and I are feeling that way too.  For now my fingers have relaxed from their constant ‘crossed’ position, and I am learning so much more about how to cope for the future… Again my thanks to everyone, you have helped enormously with your good wishes.  So, hugs and woofs from me and Bess… xPenx


  1. I talk to myself a lot so it must be normal. :-)
    Hugs to you and Bess. I hope that she continues to feel better.

  2. I can understand very well in your situation.
    I'm not good at when I have has problems in my health just almost foggy in my head.
    The Cranberry pills is good.
    Hope every thing go easir for Bess and you.
    Have a good night sleep for Both.

  3. I honestly think that most of us are guilty of some self talk... naughty or not! :) It's what we say to ourselves that matters, and here's hoping that it's more positive thoughts than those nasty negative ones. We certainly don't need to 'beat' ourselves up, as there is bound to be people out there that will do it for us.
    Still sending healing prayers and good thoughts to you and Bess! Glad to hear that she is doing some what better.

  4. I talk to myself a lot, but then I feel guilty that the dogs are being left out of the conversation, so I talk to them instead. I will say about Cranberry juice if |I may, if it is acidy, be careful of the effects on arthritis, |In humans, anything acidic is not good, e.g. grapes, oragnges, tomato skins. Hoe Her Maj is well. Hugs and pats to her XX

  5. I talk to myself all the time. I even talk back to myself. I crack jokes, at whatever is funny at the time, and I laugh because they are so darn funny. I'm a sarcastic sun-uva-gun, what can I say? I also argue with myself and even answer my own questions! ...ahh...good times.
    And how is our Bess doing today?

  6. OK... time to dust off your keyboard and give us an update. Pweeease? I'm not getting any younger so you might want to hurry! :)

  7. So Bess is not eating either? Our babies unwittingly cause such grief when all is not well with them. They don't know how our hearts break. That's good because we would never wish any more pain on them.

    Please let me know how she is when you are able and I will do the same with my girl.

  8. No wonder I haven't seen you around much. I'm sorry to hear your girl is sick and I wish the best for all of you! I'm glad you are having a break and that Bess is doing well right now. I will pray for the both of you! I talk to myself all the time and once and awhile I get flak for it, but it doesn't bother me. I think a lot of people talk to themselves. I feel it's a normal thing as long as you don't answer yourself. (Yes Seth, you are one sick puppy! Ha ha!) I wish you the best! How are you? ♥