Saturday, 21 May 2011

Rewind Option?….


Would that we could
have a button
marked rewind.
I promise I wouldn’t
use it all of the time,
Only when needed
in emergency say?
Trouble is
I’d have
each and every day!!

LadyP© 2011


  1. I definitely could use a rewind button. Lots of things I would change if I had the chance. Good one Pen.


  2. Yes Pen I would love a rewind button from time to time to use at my own leisure. This is a good one may ring a bell in all our hearts. Many hugs my friend. Have a lovely Saturday :)xx

  3. So utterly desirable.

  4. I know what you would use your rewind button for Pen, oh if only things could be so simple,
    Heartfelt sympathy. Hugs and snuggles from we three XX

  5. I would love a rewind button too! If only....

  6. Please tell me when I can get rewind button?
    I need badly in mylife today:-)

  7. yes yes please we all need a rewind button
    Take care

  8. There's a need for a rewind button in my life as well...

  9. There are some things I'd love to relive, others I'm not so sure about. I think a rewind button would have to be used very carefully with good timing to get to the bits I wanted back.

  10. Blessings....
    sometimes i think that i would yet when i thimk of the lessons i have learnt the urge passes away. so no rewind for me.....

    nicely and poetically articulated.
    Have a grand week.

  11. Hello my sweet friend!
    I've finally found you again. I was on MSN spacet "Sunflower"
    and then on WordPress. But I closed my account on wordress.
    I closed my account, can not log back in with my email address. I see now on Blogspot.com.
    Would like to continue to read what you write.
    Wish you a peaceful weekend.
    Hugs Ann

  12. I'm not sure about the rewinding thing ... hmmm ... purrr ... Love, cat.

  13. Hello!
    I think a rewind button might have been something ...
    Thanks for dropping by to me.
    Wish you a really nice week.

  14. I also believe life should come with a rewind button so that we could relive the beautiful moments and skip the difficult ones. But at the same time, I think living thru and dealing with life's hardships and disappointments really make us appreciate the more happy and blessed moments. Experiences teach us so much, including making us who we are. But never the less... should a rewind button ever be a thing to come, I think I'd purchase one for sure! In fact, I'd be lining up to buy stocks/shares in that company!! :)

  15. How are you xPenx?
    I having a little problems with my comments on other bloggers but just okay day by days:-)
    The rewind button was not working for me LOL!
    I wish I can do it for my age then I can live with all my family for a long time? but other way I'm happy for today's my life:-)
    Have a nice day.

  16. I know seems like I have emergencies everyday now too! This is good my friend a rewind button would be great wouldn't it?
    Did I say I love Mark Knopfler and JD? Well, I am sure I did. Maybe you edited that out? LOL Wink wink.
    I barely noticed you said "not stalking"...following hahaha I said I am stalking in at Ravenwood. Once again great minds think alike, my dear friend.
    Peace out Ms Lx

  17. You have been given an award Pen. Please stop by my blog and pick it up. :-)

  18. *´¨)
    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•` ¤ Just checking in... :)

  19. Hello there my Beautiful Friend,
    Please visit my blog and collect The Sunshine Award. I received the award from Rhapsody Phoenix and am happy to pass it on to you to show my appreciation of your blog.
    I hope you will also enjoying passing it on as I have.
    All my best... SETH!

  20. Hi, I have awarded your blogspot a Sunshine Award, please pop over to my space to collect it :) x

  21. Wow, this is an old blog, but how are you doing my friend? Miss you! I hope all is well! ♥

  22. Miss you so, Lady Pen ... where are you ... never forgotten ... woofs, peeps and purrrs. Love, cat.

  23. I wish that you would come back to Blogger... you are so missed!!!

  24. We all miss you Lady Penelope, please come back soon. xxx

  25. Hi Pen what a lovely surprise to see you hope you can find my link to Loyal Companion's xxxx

  26. Just having flash back thinking of having to put down Piwo, my trusty blck lab ... about a month ago ... omg, he was so beautiful, Lady Pen ... sorry 'bout this ... just telling you ... I know ... hmmm? Love, cat.

    1. ah Cat, this month is Bess's anniversary too, we shall shed tears together, always... crying now, in sympathy, and for myself too.. I do miss her so, so MUCH!! xxxxxx

    2. June 09th ... where are you, my friend ... i miss you much ... woofs and purrs and peeps ... meouw ... love you, Lady Pen, cat.