Sunday, 16 January 2011


Tight Jeans

 I think someone sneaky
crept in at dead of night,
swapping my jeans
for ones just
a little
too tight,
I can get them on
there’s no doubt about that
BUT they seem so uncomfy
and make me feel fat.

Tight JeansIf I look sideways in the mirror
and then inhale deeply
they don’t look so bad,
in fact
they fit
quite sweetly,
but I can’t
hold my breath
for more than a few
or two,
and I’d rather be alive
than just look thinner, wouldn’t you?

Tight Jeans

I’ve come to the conclusion
I might have gained weight,
I think it’s the fault
of all the tasty
things I ate,
why oh why
didn’t that sneaky
person think twice
and swap my body for one smaller,
now wouldn’t that’ve been nice!!

LadyP © 2011


  1. This could very well apply to me. Good one Pen!

  2. Haha! Brilliant, Pen! I know the feeling.

  3. ya ha.... I know.... the third rule of acquisitions, one shall not remain in svelte cloth of yesterday, for there are more acquisitions.

    Good one..... still rolling abouts.... ugh.

  4. I think you were possibly given my jeans Pen. Tango's laughing his butt off.

  5. Stress makes me stop eating...smoking takes the place of food...I know, I know...bad girl...Love, c.

  6. I could say been there done that, but unfortunately I am "there" right now! Ohhhh, who's body took over mine? It's so weird, I quit smoking, did NOT live out of the fridge, and still gained 30 lbs. I tell ya, life's not fair.
    Ooooooo, look at Johnny over there on the slide show. Whew, he still takes my breath away, gawd. I wonder if he likes old fat women...hmmmm.

  7. Didnt Bob Seger sing a song called "Blame it on Xmas",,, or was it Blame it on the Food''... i cant remember..Blame it on Midnight... aH!.. and those extra-curricular trips to the fridge around that time.. heh.. ya.not to worry there are only about 1,000,ooo,OOO,ooo.056 others that are in your jeans as well.. i mean in your situation.. ;o) bon appetite. and dont look back.. the 'shrinking jeans ' are following you. Be safe

  8. LOL lovely Pen sounds like many of us out here, tight jeans made me chuckle. xx

  9. Don't tell me about that tight jeans..
    Only in the moring was alright after that??
    I have been all my life the waist lines gave me a headache(Christmas holiday season)is bad ones.

    Another week after (Australian Open Tennis) I must get back to my routine and I will do it:-)

  10. blessings....

    That was funny and well written

  11. Pen! Listen up! I have awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award. Go to my page to copy it and put it onto your page and then do a blog with 7 things about you and pass it on to 15 more bloggers. Whew. You can do it, I just did :D