Wednesday, 5 January 2011

The Thought and The Dream


I could but dream of times gone by

when wishes might come true

I could only dream, let thoughts fly

before I dreamt , my love,  of you

You fill my dreams, my waking hours

you make breathing worth the inhale

where eyes only had time for showers

now they shine with life, without fail

I did but dream of times gone by

where wishes have come true

I love my life, the thoughts let fly

as I live and still dream through you….

LadyP © 2011


  1. This is beautiful Pen. A bit different from your usual poem. I like it very much.

    a hug for you Bess.

  2. thank you Beth, just testing my skills doing a poetic love and life theme, glad you like it.
    Bess says 'woof' as she'd rather I played more!! xx

  3. Lovely 'dreamy' touch of yearning in this one Pen, rather lovely indeed. Now, whose face do you have in your mind's eye when you wrote this one, it doesn't take much to guess.
    Send Bess over here to play with Tango & Ruby, so you can dream some more. \hugs to herXX

  4. Good stuff, Pen. Happy 2011! :)

  5. What a beautiful love poem, Pen. All of it. I especially love the line, "I did but dream of times gone by where wishes have come true..." -- just lovely. Your talent never ceases to amaze.

  6. A beautiful poem xPenx! lovely to read on New years season. I love that "When wishes might come true I could only dream" I always have wishes for in my dream...one day????
    Please hello to Bess,

  7. Beautiful I always enjoy your poem's and thank you for yet another good one. Hugs Sheilax

  8. this is really 'warm'..makes me smile.. be safe

  9. Hi Pen yes I am having a job working on two blogs, When things pop into my mind of those days gone by, I like to write about them here. Just can't seem to think of anything in particular at the moment. Here's hoping something springs to mind soon. Love your poems and thanks for the visit. Hugs xxSheila and Wil-e take care.

  10. enjoyed reading your poem...and, needing to write for yourself sounds familiar to me...

  11. Hey, Pen. You are SOOO dear! I saw that even in your own busyness, you came by just to say hi. How nice was that! I am home today and catching up. Tomorrow is back to the hospital with Lee. In the meantime, I started a 2nd blog for Sam & Lucy. Why I think I'll have time, I don't know.
    HEY, you have Mark Knopfler showing! I love him. Have all his albums, too.
    Opps, got off track for a second. Sam & Lucy are at http://lucythebeautiful.blogspot.com
    If you get a really boring moment, come on by and let Bess read it.

  12. Pen, thank you SO much for dropping by! I want you to see one last thing (today's post) and then I won't ever ask another thing ;)
    It is called I Am Appawled

  13. Pen, my mommy loves to read your thoughts and dreams. Like music in words.